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Personal Record Keeper

Keeps Things the Family Should Know in One Place


  • Access personal records from home, the office or while traveling. Nothing to download or install.
  • Print personal and household records for deskside reference.
  • Share records with your loved ones, lawyer or executor if you choose.
  • Encrypted, password protected and stored on ultra secure servers "in the cloud," safe from natural disasters, fire, prying eyes, hackers or the theft, failure or loss of your computer or mobile device.
  • Categories Include: Attorneys | Birth Information | Business Interests | Credit, ATM & Debit Cards | Health Insurance Drivers Licenses | E-mail Accounts | Employer Information | Family Contacts | Financial Advisors | Bank Accounts | Bills Loans | Donations/Pledges | Income Taxes | Investments | Loans | Profit Sharing Plans | Retirement Accounts | Trusts Insurance | Memberships | Military Records | Passports | Pets | Physicians | Real Estate| Religious Affiliations | Safe Deposit | Social Security | Items in Storage | Vehicles | Wallet Contents | Wills & Last Wishes                                       

    Personal Record Organizer

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    Join Habitudes to create your password protected online "vault" for storing your record keepers. Membership is free the first year and includes Do Due Donea handy task reminder. After the trial, membership is only $10 per year for ultra-secure storage of your personal records.

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    Personal Record Keeper

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    You'll find your personal records software in My Habitudes, your private online "vault," upon completion of your order.


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