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Habitudes web services help you through life, nicely done:

Matters of Fact
Personal Record Keeper

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Do, Due, Done
Task Reminder

HabiLinks Web Guide
Lifestyle Links You Can Really Use

I Created Habitudes to Help You Through the Bends in the Road of "Life"

It all started when, after a ten year advertising career in New York and San Francisco, I "retired" to raise a family. Some "retirement!"
I wanted life at home to be as organized as the office, but that's easier said than done once you become a "family." Three children and years later, I'm proud of my accomplishments. But I've always thought it was a lot harder than it needed to be.

The Inspiration for Habitudes' Personal Record Keepers

I bought a little personal record keeping book called What My Family Should Know. It was a place to keep vital personal and household details like insurance policies, emergency information, legal, financial and estate advisors, etc.. I updated it faithfully for years until I had crossed out things so many times the book was almost unreadable.

When personal computers and use of the internet became widespread, I knew they would be great for personal record keeping. The children grown, I turned my attention to creating Habitudes LLC and developing web-based record keepers: Matters of Fact (Things the family should know), Emergency Information and Do, Due, Done (Task reminder).

What Makes Our Personal Record Keepers Better, Online or Off:

  • It's easy to customize and update your records.
  • You can access your records from home, the office or while traveling.
  • You can share records with your partner if you choose.
  • You can print your records for convenience and back up.
  • Our record keepers work on all major computers, mobile devices and browsers, so you have 24/7 access to your data.
  • We use only state of the art server and encryption technology to safeguard your vital records.
  • We keep our personal record keepers and website up-to-date.

Why HabiLinks Web Guide?

Most tasks we face for the first time don't come with instructions.

I used to clip articles and buy books on topics like home buying, child care, moving, car and home maintenance, gardening, hiring a contractor, cooking and entertaining to name a few. I had little time to read them. When I did, I often had to slog through pages of "fluff" to find the information I was looking for. Sometimes the information was way out of date.

These days you can search the internet, but the results can be too much of a good thing.
Faced with page after page of ads and links, it's hard to know which sites are the most up-to-date, useful and informative. Some links even lead to non-existent content ("page not found"). It's hard to know which link to choose.
And clicking around can be a big waste of time.

We Created HabiLinks to Help People Find Useful Information Fast.

All links are curated and unpaid. A link that becomes a HabiLink is one of the chosen few. Originally part of the Habitudes personal record keeping site, HabiL inks now has a home of its own. Discover truly useful lifestyle links as soon as we do at HabiLinks.com.


Thanks for coming to see what Habitudes is all about.

We look forward to helping you through many years of life...nicely done!

Jackie Edenholm Pettus
Founder, Habitudes LLC
San Francisco, California


Jackie Pettus, Online family organizer founder.
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