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HabiTools are the only personal record keepers you can customize, print, share and safeguard online.

HabiTools include:

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Membership: Habitudes

Q: When does my membership expire?
A: One year from the date you join. We'll send a reminder when it's time to renew.

Q: What happens if I don't renew my membership before it expires?
A: After a 30 day grace period, your membership will be deactivated. You can print your household records before your membership expires.

Q: What if I forget my username or password?
A: Go to the Member Login page. Navigate to the Forgot Password/User Name section, enter your email address, and the system will help you reset your information.

Q: How do I change my username or password?
A: Click on the Edit Profile option on your My Habitudes page.

Q: Why do you need my street address?
A: If we haven't heard from you when it's time to renew your membership, we will attempt to notify you before deactivating your membership.

HabiTools Personal Record Keepers

Q: How does Do, Due, Done, the printable chore list, work?
A: To access your master list, click on the Do, Due, Done link which appears on the toolbar after you log in. To add a task, click on the (+) sign next to it. An "Add task" field will appear just below the toolbar. To edit an existing task, click on it's name.

Q: Can I download HabiTool documents to my computer?
A: You can print your documents to a printer, to a PDF file if you have Adobe Acrobat, or to a PRN file if you are using the Internet Explorer browser. However, you cannot edit them offline.

Q: How will I know when a HabiTool document has been updated ?
A: When HabiTool data is changed, the date is entered in the "Last updated" line at the beginning of each document.

Q: Can I retrieve previous versions of my HabiTools?
A: No, only the most current versions are available.

Q: After I purchase a HabiTool, where will I find it?
A: You can access and work with your HabiTool documents from the My Habitudes page.

Q: There is some blue colored text in my HabiTool document. Will it appear on my printed copy?
A: No, the blue text on the screen will not print. It's just there to help you customize your document.

Q: When I print, do I have to print the entire HabiTool document?
A: No. Simply indicate that you want to "Skip this section" and it will not print.

Q: What happens when Habitudes creates a new version of a HabiTool I'm using?
A: Rest assured that your data will not be affected.


Q: Is it safe to keep things like Social Security, bank account and drivers license numbers in my HabiTool documents?
A: We use state-of-the-art security measures, including firewalls, secure socket layers and encryption, so your information is as protected as technically possible. (For details, see Security.) Still, no one, not even a bank, can guarantee 100% security, so if you're uncomfortable, leave those bits of information blank online. You can hand write them on your printed copy.

Q: Is it safe to email my HabiTool documents?
A: When you email a HabiTool document, it is not encrypted, so it is no more or less safe than other email you send.


Q: How do I send a HabiTool document via email?
A: If you can print it to a file you can attach it to your email.

Q: Do I need to enable "cookies"?
A. Yes. Habitudes uses cookies to enable some functions of the Habitudes website. You must enable cookies to enjoy the benefits of Habitudes membership.

Q: Can I access HabiTools from my smart phone or other portable device with internet access?
A: HabiTools are accessible from most portable devices with internet access. Since there are many different types of browsers and devices, however, we can't guarantee that they will work as well with all of them.

Q: Can I upload pictures or other documents to my Habitudes account?
A: No, your Habitudes membership is for storing HabiTool documents only.

Q: What is encryption?
A: Encryption is a process whereby data is "scrambled" into an unreadable form while being transferred from the Habitudes website to storage on our secure servers. Also see Security.

Q: Are HabiTools compatible with my browser?
A: HabiTools are compatible with all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and Firefox.

Q: Do HabiTools work with both MACs and PCs?
A: Yes.

Q: How many HabiTools can I store?
A: You can store as many as you like. Your membership includes encryption and storage of all of your HabiTool documents for one year.

Gift Certificates

Q: Can I buy a gift certificate?
A: Yes.  Simply add a HabiTool to your shopping cart, check the box to indicate it's a gift, update the cart and check out. When your Order Summary appears, click the "gift" link under the item to print a certificate for the recipient.

Q: I bought and printed a gift certificate and now I can't find it. Can I reprint it?
A: Yes. Go to your My Habitudes page, select the order in which you purchased your gift certificate, and click on the "Print Gift Certificate" option on your order.

We thought you'd never ask...

Q: What does "Habitudes" mean?
A: Habitudes are habitual tendencies or ways of behaving. We like to think of them as nice ways. Life. Nicely done.

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