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The Internet is full of great resources. But page after page of search results can be too much of a good thing! So we've done the web surfing for you and created HabiLinks to help you navigate the road of life. Lifestyle topics cover everything from getting ready for baby to applying for Social Security. We include only sites we consider to be the best at what they do. They are not paid listings.

If you'd like to recommend a resource for the guide, or if a site falls short of your expectations, please contact us. And check back often. We monitor the listings continually, so our content will grow and change almost daily. That way we can be sure HabiLinks is one of the most helpful, informative and up-to-date directories on the Internet.

It's one more way Habitudes helps you through life, nicely done.



Accident, what to do in case of  safeco.com

Buy a car   cars.com     autotrader.com

Buy a new car checklist   Bankrate.com

Buy a used car checklist  trustmymechanic.com

Car advice & troubleshooting  cartalk.com    cars.com

Car club   aaa.com

Car reviews    jdpower.com consumerreports.org   edmunds.com

Donate a vehicle to charity, how to  msnbc.com

Leasing, about   leaseguide.com         

Lemon laws, about  lemonlawamerica.com

New car prices & used car values  kbb.com

Sell a car, how to   edmunds.com

Sell a car    cars.com     autotrader.com

Tires, how to change    edmunds.com


Careers, jobs & salaries   thebalance.com     careerprofiles.info


Clothing Care & Laundry     

Ironing clothes, instructions   lifehacker.com

Laundry, guide to care symbols   textileaffairs.com (Textile Industry Affairs)

Laundry, how to do   ehow.com

Shoes, how to polish   ehow.com

Stain removal guide   tide.com

Computers & Technology

Capture & organize things on your computer evernote.com

Computer backup, online  carbonite.com    mozy.com

Erase computer hard drive (Windows)   diskwipe.org

Erase computer hard drive (Mac)   whitecanyon.com

Family computing guide   about.com

Password manager   roboform.com

Security tips, computer & internet   onguardonline.gov (U.S. Federal Trade Commission)  

Security tools (Macs & PC)   symantec.com 

Security tools (PC)   mcafee.com

Software & hardware instructions   missingmanuals.com


College guide   petersons.com

Elementary school, choosing an   ehow.com       

Evaluating a new school   workitmom.com

Middle school, choosing a   howtodothings.com

Nursery school, choosing a   care.com

Private school directory   nais.org (National Association of Independent Schools)

Private school guide   petersons.com

Public school reviews   publicschoolreview.com/

Scholarship guide  petersons.com   goodcall.com

Standardized tests, about   wikipedia.org   

Tutor, how to find   wikihow.com    

Tutoring center, find   huntingtonlearning.com

Emergency Preparedness

Car accident, what to do in case of  safeco.com

Car emergency kit checklist    edmunds.com

CPR, Hands-Only Demo  You Tube: American Heart Association

Emergency kit supplies, buy   redcrossstore.org (American Red Cross)      earthshakes.com

Emergency kit checklist   ready.gov (FEMA)

Emergency list for home, print & store   habitudes.info

Emergency planning & checklists   ready.gov (FEMA)

Emergency wallet cards, printable    freeprintablemedicalforms.com 

Fire extinguishers, about   thisoldhouse.com

Fire extinguishers, buy   kidde.com

First aid, basic  mayoclinic.com

First aid tips    firstaid.about.com

First aid kit checklist  householdmanagement101.com

Medical release form for a child, printable   about.com

Smoke, fire & carbon monoxide alarms, buy   kidde.com


Family Living

Baby, Getting For:

     Baby name ideas   babynames.com

     Baby & pregnancy e-zine   babycenter.com

     Nursery checklist   babyzone.com

     Pregnancy support   thebump.com

     To do before baby arrives    parents.com


     Aupair, hire    aupairinamerica.com

     Babysitter, information to leave for   workitmom.com

     Babysitters & nannies, hire   sittercity.com

     Daycare center, about choosing   thebump.com   todaysparent.com

Childproofing your home   about.com

Children's clothes, trade outgrown   threadup.com

Children's extracurricular activities   scholastic.com

Divorce support  about.com

Family activity ideas   familyfun.go.com (Disney Family Fun)

Family History:

     Family genealogy guidance   about.com

     Family history, Ellis Island passenger records   ellisisland.org

     Family history, research   ancestry.com    familysearch.org

     Family tree software   familytreemaker.com

Family life   thenest.com

Family Money Talk Tips     strongermarriage.org

Kids Extra-curricular Activities:

     Kids' games, rules   gameskidsplay.net

     Kids' sports, rules & terms   momsguide.com

     Summer camp, choosing a    acacamps.org    (American Camp Association)

     Summer camp directory   kidscamps.com

Medical release form for a child, printable   about.com

Parent Support:

     Dads online community   fathers.com (National Center for Fathering)

     Dads, parenting guide   dictionaryfordads.com

     Dads, support for    Mr.dad.com

     Dads, support for stay-at-home   athomedad.org

     Moms online communities   circleofmoms.com   manicmommies.com   mommytrackd.com

     Parenting tips, practical  parenthacks.com

     Parents, support for   parenting.com             

     Stay-at-home mom support    about.com

     Working mother support    workingmother.com   about.com


Financial Matters


     Bank rates, check   bankrate.com

     Loans, home, about   homeloanlearningcenter.com (Mortgage Bankers Association)

     Loans, shop for   lendingtree.com

Financial Planning:

     Budget calculator   bankrate.com

     Family money talk tips    strongermarriage.org

     Financial calculators   bankrate.com

     Financial planner, find   cfp.net (Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards)


     Credit card comparisons  nerdwallet.com

     Credit report, free annual   annualcreditreport.com

     Credit reporting bureaus   transunion.com    equifax.com    experian.com


     Agent, find an independent   trustedchoice.com

     Car insurance, about  kellybluebook.com   howstuffworks.com

     Car insurance, find    nerd wallet.com  carinsurance.com

     Dental insurance, about      yourdentistryguide.com

     Dental insurance, find   dentalplans.com

     Disability insurance, about   wikipedia.com

     Disability insurance, Social Security, about   ssa.gov (U.S. Social Security Administration)

     Disability insurance, Social Security benefits guide   thesimpledollar.com

     Health insurance, about   about.com

     Health Insurance for addiction related treatment, about   americanaddictioncenters.org

     Health insurance, find   ehealthinsurance.com

     Homeowners insurance, about   consumerreports.org

     Home owners Insurance, find    trustedchoice.com

     Insurance terms & definitions   progressive.com

     Insurance quotes online         trustedchoice.com

     Liability insurance, about   allinsuranceinfo.org

     Life insurance, about    AXA.com    bankrate.com

     Life insurance, find   selectquote.com

     Long term care insurance, about     AARP

    Long term care insurance, find   AALTCI.org

     Medicare, about      medicare.gov

     Renters insurance, about   Simple Dollar

     Renters insurance, find   nerdwallet.com

     Social Security, about   ssa.gov (U.S. Social Security Administration)

     Title insurance, about   about.com       

     Travel insurance, about   Huffington Post

     Travel insurance, find    Travel Guard


     Financial advisor, find   napfa.org (National Association of Personal Financial Advisors)

     Invest online   etrade.com

     Investment information   fool.com (The Motley Fool)

Software, Personal finance     mint.com   quicken.com


     Charity finder   charitynavigator.org

     Tax Deductions, Household Items Values   Salvation Army

     Tax info, U.S. Federal   Internal Revenue Service

     Tax professional, find    Internal Revenue Service

     Tax returns, help for seniors  AARP Tax-Aide

     Tax return software   hrblock.com     turbotax.com

Food, Beverages & Cooking       

Cheese guide   cheese.com       

Cocktail recipes   drinksmixer.com

Cooking on TV   foodnetwork.com

Dictionary, food & cooking terms  goodhousekeeping.com

Fruit & vegetable guide   worldcommunitycookbook.org

Grocery lists, free printable   freeprintablegrocerylist.com

Gourmet food, buy   deandeluca.com

Herb & spice guides   culinaryherbguide.com   goodcooking.com

Herbs and spices, buy hard to find   spicebarn.com

Kitchen equipment list   about.com

Magazine, cooking   cooksillustrated.com

Magazine, healthy cooking   cookinglight.com

Meal planning help   thescramble.com

Pantry, basic checklist   foodnetwork.com   

Recipe search  epicurious.com  food.com  simplyrecipes.com  

Seafood, pocket guide to healthy   realsimple.com

Weights & measures: cooking   factmonster.com

Wine & food pairing guide   foodandwinepairing.org

Wine & cheese pairing guide   winemonger.com

Wine guide for beginners   ezinearticles.com

Health & Fitness

Addiction, support   americanaddictioncenters.org

Blood pressure record keeper, printable   chartjungle.com

Calorie counting chart, printable   chartjungle.com

Calorie counts, food   about.com

Caregiver tools & information   caregiverslibrary.org (National Caregivers Library)

Centers for Disease Control   cdc.gov (U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention)

Children's health topics   aap.org (American Academy of Pediatrics)

Doctor reviews, local   insiderpages.com

Doctor, choosing a   consumerreports.org

Drug facts, side effects & interactions   drugs.com   drugwatch.com

Drug interaction checker   healthline.com

First aid, basic   mayoclinic.com

First aid kit checklist  householdmanagement101.com

Health & medical information   mayoclinic.com   medlineplus.gov   healthline.com 

Health websites, find trustworthy   hon.ch (Health on the Net Foundation)

Immunization schedules by age   cdc.gov (U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention)

Immunization record keeper   FreePrintableMedicalForms.com

Hospital stay, preparing for   cpmc.org (California Pacific Medical Center)

Hospital stay, what to pack   about.com

Lab tests explained   labtestsonline.org

Medical history, create a family   FreePrintableMedicalForms.com        

Medical history, create a personal  FreePrintableMedicalForms.com

Medical check-up and screening tests, recommended  National Institute of Health           

Men's health topics   webmd.com

Pharmacies, about online and mail order     webmd.com

Pricing guide, health care   healthcarebluebook.com

Ratings: hospitals, doctors, nursing homes   healthgrades.com

Smoking, help quitting   smokefree.gov

Symptoms guide   healthline.com

Weight & body mass index charts   rush.edu (Rush University Medical Center)           

Women's health topics    healthywomen.org  


Home & Garden


     Amazon, sell on    amazon.com

     Appraiser, find   appraisersassoc.org (Appraisers Association of America)

     Athletic gear, donate    playitagainsports.com

     Blog, de-cluttering   unclutterer.com

     Books, what to do with  eHow.com

     Books, donate   intlbookproject.org (International Book Project)

     Donate to nearby charities   excessaccess.com

     Clothing, women's professional, donate   dressforsuccess.org   

     Clothing, donate to Vietnam Veterans   clothingdonations.org

     Computer equipment, donate   cristina.org (National Cristina Foundation)

     Consign, how to   howtoconsign.com

     Craig's List, sell on   craigslist.org

     Ebay, sell on    ebay.com

     Electronics, donate or recycle   epa.gov    recyclingforcharities.com   verizonwireless.com

     Electronics, sell   gazelle.com

     Furniture, donate  furniturebanks.org

     Garage sale tips    yardsalequeen.com

     Goodwill, donate to   goodwill.org

     Haulers, trash & junk   1800gotjunk.com

     Homeless shelter, donate to a    homelessshelterdirectory.org

     Musical instruments, donate   musicgoround.com

     Salvation Army, donate to    salvationarmyusa.org

     Vehicles, donate to any charity   v-dac.com (Vehicle Donation to Any Charity)

Home: Buy, Sell, Rent, Move:

     Buying a condo, townhouse or cooperative   about.com   ehow.com

     Buying a home checklist   printablechecklists.com

     Home, finding    zillow.com   trulia.com

     Home inspections, about   ashi.org (American Society of Home Inspectors)

     Home inspectors, find   ashi.org (American Society of Home Inspectors)

     Home loans, about   ftc.gov

     Home, outfitting a first    about.com

     Home, finding a rental   craigslist.com

     Moving checklist   realsimple.com

     Moving company, choosing   moving.org

     Moving plans   moving.org (American Moving & Storage Association)    realsimple.com

     Moving sale guide   olympicmovers.net

     Neighborhoods, assess convenience   walkscore.com

     Real estate agent, about choosing   bankrate.com

     Selling a home checklist   printablehecklists.com

     Title insurance policies, about   about.com

Home Decorating & Interior Design:

     Decorating & interior design ideas and photos   houzz.com

     Decorator or interior designer, find  houzz.com

     Interior designer, about hiring   about.com

Home Maintenance & Improvement:

     Appliance manuals, find     managemylife.com

     Appliance record keeper, printable    realsimple.com

     Appliances, about buying major    realsimple.com

     Architect, find an    architectfinder.aia.org (American Institute of Architects)

     Architect, selecting an    aia.org (American Institute of Architects)

     Bathroom design checklist    bathroom-remodeling-hints.com        

     Chore schedule, printable    habitudes.info

     Electrical system, about your home's    diynetwork.com

     Garden guide    gardenguides.com      

     Landscape designer, find    apld.com (Association of Professional Landscape Designers)

     Handyperson, find    handyman.com

     Heating & air conditioning, about    energystar.com

     Home & garden service providers, find    insiderpages.com    servicemagic.com    angieslist.com

     Home improvement & remodeling tips houzz.com   thisoldhouse.com

     Home projects, manage    managemylife.com      

     Hot tubs & home spas, about    hottubsandhomespas.com

     House painting, about    house-painting-info.com

     House plans, buy online    houseplans.com

     Houseplant guide    guide-to-houseplants.com

     Kitchen design checklist   diyonline.com

     Pests & pest control, about    pestworld.org (National Pest Management Association)

     Plumbing, about    diynetwork.com

     Power tools, how to use    doityourself.com

     Roofing contractor, find    nrca.net (National Roofing Contractors Association)

     Roofing, about    nrca.net (National Roofing Contractors Association)

     Solar system, planning a     energy.gov

     Swimming pools, about    swimmingpools101.com

     Winterizing your home, about   diyonline.com

     Water damage advice   waterdamageadvisor.com

Home Safety & Security:

     Burglary prevention tips   burglaryprevention.org                                                

     Carbon monoxide detectors, about   about.com

     Childproofing tips   about.com

     Fire extinguishers, about   fire-extinguisher101.com

     Fire safety & prevention tips  American Red Cross   bluesuitmom.com

     Health & safety information on household products  U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

     Home safety guide       homeinsurance.org

     Home security checklist  marthastewart.com

     Home security & alarms guide   homesecurityandalarms.com

     Locks, types of   doityourself.com

     Motion detectors, about   ehow.com

     Plants, guide to poisonous   poison.org (National Capital Poison Center)

     Pool alarms, about buying   ehow.com

     Sex offenders, information about    nsopw.gov (U.S. Department of Justice Sex Offender Public Website)          

Household Help:

     Carpet cleaners, hire    stanleysteemer.com

     Dog walker, find         dogwalker.com

     Gardener, about hiring   servicemagic.com

     Handyperson, find   handyman.com

     House cleaner, find   merrymaids.com

     House cleaner, about hiring   ehow.com

     House sitter, find   housesittersamercia.com

     Organize friends & family during times of need   lotsahelpinghands.com

     Pet sitter, about hiring    ehow.com

     Pet sitter, find   petsitters.org (National Association of Professional Pet Sitters)


     Clean things, how to   howtocleanstuff.net                                        

     Grout cleaning & maintenance   doityourself.com

     Cleaning supplies checklist   about.com

     Housekeeping tips  housekeeping.about.com

     Housekeeping tips book, buy   amazon.com

     Spring cleaning checklist, printable   marthastewart.com

Home Office, Productivity & Reference

Legal Resources:

      Advance Health Care Directives, about   nolo.com

      Advance Health Care Directive, create   nolo.com (Quicken Willmaker) 

      Financial Powers of Attorney, about   nolo.com

      Financial Power of Attorney, create   nolo.com (Quicken Willmaker)  

      Lawyer, find   American Bar Association   

      Legal document service   legalzoom.com

      Legal forms, software and books   nolo.com

      Legal terms and definitions   nolo.com

      Living will, create   nolo.com

      Online Estate Planning Apps & Do-It-Yourself Software   AllLaw.com

      Wills, trusts & estate planning, about   Nolo.com

Mail & Delivery Services:

     Federal Express   fedex.com       

     Print U.S. postage from your PC   stamps.com

     United Parcel Service   ups.com          

     USPS First Class rates   usps.com          

     USPS Home Page   usps.com 

     USPS pick up services   usps.com


     Office supplies    staples.com    officedepot.com

     Printables for home and business    freeprintable.net


     Get organized at home   organizedhome.com

     Home organizing blog   organizingyourway.net

     Organize your life   lifeorganizers.com

     Organizing & storage products, buy   thecontainerstore.com   organize.com   organizedatoz.com

     Organizing tips from the Master   peterwalshdesign.com

     Organizing blog   unclutterer.com 

     Organizing tools for parents   theorganizedparent.com

     Professional organizer, find   napo.net (National Association of Professional Organizers)

Privacy & Security:

     Computer & internet security, about   (See Computers & Internet category)

     Email filter & organizer   boxbe.com/

     Identity theft, about   FTC

     Lost or stolen wallet or purse, what to do   ftc.gov

     Opt out, catalogs  catalogchoice.org

     Opt out, junk mail & email   direct marketing association

     Opt out, telemarketers   donotcall.gov (National Do Not Call Registry) or call 888 382-1222

Record Keeping:
     Checklists, make and save online   listbean.com/

     Chore list & schedule, printable   habitudes.info

     Day planners for moms (paper)   momagenda.com

     Document management & archiving online   dropbox.com    

     Emergency information list, printable   habitudes.info

     File folders for vital documents   myvitalfiles.com

     Home inventory, printable list   printablechecklists.com

     Home inventory software, online      knowyourstuff.org

     Personal record keeper  habitudes.info

     Password managers   lastpass.com     roboform.com

     Task reminder & chore list, printable   habitudes.info

     To-do lists online, create   rememberthemilk.com


     About all kinds of things   about.com

     Daylight saving time, about   usno.navy.mil (U.S. Naval Oceanography Portal)

     Dictionary   dictionary.com

     Directory, business   yellowpages.com

     Directory, people   whitepages.com

     Directory, reverse phone   whitepages.com

     Encyclopedia online, subscribe   britannica.com 

     Encyclopedia online, free   encyclopedia.com

     Holidays by country   wikipedia

     Holidays, U.S.   usa.gov

     How to do things videos   videojug.com                                                   

     How to do things   ehow.com

     Insects, identify   insectidentification.org

     Maps & directions   googlemaps.com   mapquest.com 

     Questions & answers   answers.com               

     Thesaurus   thesaurus.com

     Tips, tricks and downloads for getting things done   lifehacker.com  

     Translate to or from 50 languages   reference.com

     Weather reports   weather.com

     Weights and measures, U.S.   factmonster.com

     Weights & measures conversion calculators   factmonster.com

     World atlas   Holt, Rinehart & Winston          

     World clock   timeanddate.com

U.S. Government Agencies:

     A to Z index  usa.gov/directory

     Centers for Disease Control & Prevention   cdc.gov

     Citizenship and Immigration Services   uscis.gov

     Congress   usa.gov

     Consumer information & protection   ftc.gov

     Consumer Product Safety Commission   cpsc.gov

     Department of Homeland Security   dhs.gov

     Department of State (Passports & Visas)   travel.state.gov

     Department of Veterans Affairs   va.gov

     Environmental Protection Agency   epa.gov

     Federal Emergency Management Agency   fema.gov

     Federal Housing Administration   hud.gov

     Food & Drug Administration   fda.gov

     Internal Revenue Service   irs.gov

     Library of Commerce   loc.gov

     Medicare   medicare.gov/

     National Park Service   nps.gov

     National Weather Service   nws.noaa.gov

     Selective Service System   sss.gov/

     Social Security Administration   ssa.gov 

Leisure & Recreation


      Board & card game instructions, find   about.com

     Charades, how to play (video)   about.com

     Card games, rules for   pagat.com

Hobbies, list of   discoverahobby.com


     Book and reading record keepers  goodreads.com

     Book reviews   nytimes.com

     Magazines, subscribe to   amazon.com


     Blogs, find by subject   technorati.com

     Family entertainment reviews   commonsensemedia.org        

     Movie database   imdb.com (The Internet Movie Database)

     Movie rental   netflix.com

     Movie reviews   netflix.com    nytimes.com

     Music downloads   amazon.com    apple.com (iTunes)

     National Public Radio   npr.org

     Public Broadcasting Service   pbs.org

     Radio, internet   pandora.com

     TV guide   tvguide.com


     Restaurant guide   zagat.com

     Restaurant reviews, local   insiderpages.com


     Badminton basics   ehow.com

     Baseball basics   official-rules.org

     Basketball basics  breakthroughbasketball.com

     Boating basics   boatingbasicsonline.com

     Bocce basics   bocceballrules.net

     Bowling basics   about.com

     Boxing basics  wikipedia.org

     Boxing rules   boxrec.com

     Croquet basics   ehow.com

     Field hockey basics   sportspectator.com

     Football (American) basics   about.com

     Golf basics   about.com

     Hockey basics   ehow.com

     LaCrosse basics   simplylacrosse.com     

     Polo basics   rulesofsport.com

     Kids sports: rules & terms    momsguide.com

     Sailing basics   howstuffworks.com

     Soccer basics   howstuffworks.com

     Tennis basics   instructables.com

     Volleyball basics   wikipedia.org

     Water polo basics   sportspectator.com     

     Wrestling basics   sportspectator.com


     Camera buying guide   photographyconcentrate.com

     Photo prints, storage, sharing, gifts      shutterfly.com       flickr.com     kodakgallery.com

     Photo scanning service   scanmyphotos.com  

     Photo scrapbooks, create  smilebox   shutterfly

     Photos & video, convert to digital   scandigital.com

Tickets, buy    ticketmaster.com


     Air travel tips   U.S. Department of Transportation

     Airline tickets, hotels, cruises, car rental   expedia.com

     Airport security rules, current   tsa.gov (U.S. Transportation Security Administration)

     Flight arrival and departure times   flightarrivals.com

     Cruises, book last minute   lastminutecruises.com

     Currency exchange rate calculator   coinmill.com

     Global incidents map   globalincidentmap.com

     House sitter instructions, about   ehow.com

     Packing list for children   classictravelusa.com

     Packing list for men   classictravelusa.com

     Packing list for women   classictravelusa.com

     Passport information   travel.state.gov (U.S. Department of State)

     Reviews tripadvisor.com

     Road travel reports, international   asirt.org (Association for Safe International Road Travel)

     Things to do before you leave   independenttraveler.com

     Tipping guide, worldwide  Magellans

     Travel guide   fodors.com

     Travel itinerary, printable   printablechecklists.com

     Travel journal, printable   printablechecklists.com

     Travel, shop for discounted   priceline.com

     Travelers health information   cdc.gov (U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention)

     Vacation home rental checklist   realsimple.com

     Vacation home rentals, find    flipkey.com   airbnb.com   vrbo.com   inspirato.com

     Weather reports, international   accuweather.com


ABC    abcnews.go.com

BBC   bcc.com

CBS   cbsnews.com

CNN   cnn.com

Fox News   foxnews.com

Huffington Post  huffingtonpost.com

NBC   nbcnews.com

New York Times   nytimes.com

USA Today   usatoday.com

Wall Street Journal    wsj.com (The Wall Street Journal)


Cat breeds, about   petfinder.com

Cat types with pictures   picturesof cats.org

Dog & cat health, about   pethealth.com

Dog breeds, about   petfinder.com

Dog training tips   dog-obedience-training-review.com

Dog types with pictures   buzzle.com

Household hazards to pets   humane society

Pet food & supplies, buy online   petfooddirect.com

Pet pharmacy online   petmeds.com

Pet, adopt from an animal shelter   petfinder.com

SPCA international   spcai.org

Veterinarian, how to find   about.com

Senior Living & Elder Care

AARP   aarp.org (American Association of Retired Persons) 

Caregiver tools & information   caregiverslibrary.org (National Caregivers Library)

Funeral home directory, independent   selectedfuneralhomes.org

Funeral home directory   nfda.org (National Funeral Directors Association) 

Funeral planning checklist   caregiverslibrary.orgHospice care, about   nhpco.org (National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization)

Hospice, find a   hospice.net     

Medicare   medicare.gov (Medicare)

Organize friends & family during times of need   lotsahelpinghands.com

Retirement planning guide   money.cnn.com (CNN)

Senior Care Advice   seniorcareadvice.com

Senior care community services locator   eldercare.gov (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services)

Senior caregiver, find   care.com

Seniors internet community   senior.com

Social Security Administration   socialsecurity.gov (U.S. Social Security Administration)

Wills, trusts & estate planning:

     Advance Health Care Directives, about  wikipedia.org

     Advance Health Care Directives, create (Windows)   nolo.com (Quicken Willmaker) 

     Advance Health Care Directives, create   uslivingwillregistry.com

     Financial Power of Attorney, create   nolo.com (Quicken Willmaker)  

     Financial Powers of Attorney, about   nolo.com

     Wills, trusts & estate planning, about   nolo.com

     Wills: an executor's checklist   nolo.com


Shopping Tools

Buy & sell via online auction   ebay.com

Comparison shop   pricegrabber.com    bizrate.com

Coupons & promotions, find   retailmenot.com

Local classifieds   craigslist.org

Ratings, buying guides & product reviews   consumerreports.org

Shop for almost anything   amazon.com

Social Life & Society

Entertaining, Holidays & Special Occasions:

     Bar essentials checklist   realsimple.com

     Birthday party ideas   birthdaypartyideas.com

     Caterer, how to hire   about.com

     Dinner party checklist   realsimple.com

     Greeting cards & invitations, paper   tinyprints.com

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