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A Task Reminder and Chore List you can Print, Share and Access Online.
Included with your free trial membership at Habitudes.

Is it time to have the chimney swept? When was the last time you had the roof checked or a termite inspection? Is your driver's license or passport about to expire? When are the kids' check-ups due?
Add as many reminders as you like to your list. Do Due Done won't let you forget!

  • Sort the list by task name or due date.
  • Access your list via PC, Mac or any mobile device with internet access.
  • Attach notes and service provider info to tasks so they're there when you need them.
  • Print the list and keep it on the family bulletin board to encourage others to share responsibility.
  • See a list of suggested tasks below the photo.

Task Reminder, Chore List

Suggested tasks for your list:

  • Advance Directives updated
  • Anniversaries
  • Back-to-school clothes bought
  • Back-to-school supplies bought
  • Bank accounts reconciled
  • Bills paid
  • Birthdays
  • Budget set
  • Bulbs planted
  • Car serviced
  • Carbon monoxide detector batteries changed
  • Carpets cleaned
  • Carpools arranged
  • CD renewed
  • Chimney cleaned
  • Clocks changed for daylight saving
  • Clothes dryer vent cleaned
  • Computer backed up
  • Draperies cleaned
  • Drivers license renewed
  • Emergency Information updated
  • Emergency supply kit checked & refreshed
  • Fire extinguisher checked or serviced
  • Freezer defrosted
  • Heating system filters cleaned or changed
  • Heating system inspected or serviced
  • Garage cleaned
  • Gutters cleaned
  • Holiday cards sent
  • Holiday decorations up
  • Holiday decorations down
  • Holiday gift shopping list made
  • Holiday party planned
  • Irrigation system adjusted for the season
  • Kids extra-curricular activities arranged
  • Lawn fertilized
  • Matters of Fact (Things the Family Should Know) updated
  • Medical exams, annual appointments made: e.g. physical, dental, vision
  • Medical tests done: e.g. colonoscopy, mammogram, pap
  • Outdoor furniture cleaned & stored for winter
  • Oven cleaned
  • Passport renewed
  • Pet annual exam
  • Pet vaccinations
  • Piano tuned
  • Pipes protected from freezing
  • Powers of Attorney updated: medical and financial
  • Range hood & vent steam cleaned
  • Roof checked
  • School applications done
  • Safe deposit box contents updated
  • Septic tank serviced
  • Smoke detector batteries changed
  • Spring cleaning
  • Summer camp applications sent
  • Sump pump serviced
  • Tax information gathered
  • Tax returns filed
  • Termite inspection done
  • Trees pruned
  • Vacation planned
  • Vaccinations: e.g. flu, pneumonia, shingles, whooping cough
  • Vegetables planted
  • Water filters changed
  • Wills & Last Wishes updated, including Living Will
  • Windows washed

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