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HabiTools are the only personal record keepers you can print, customize, share & safeguard online.

HabiTools include:

Matters of Fact
Personal Record Keeper

Emergency Information 

Do, Due, Done
Task Reminder

Web Guide

Links You Can Really Use

Habitudes' online security measures are equal to or better than any, including your bank's.

Secure Socket Layers (SSL) Protect Your Data Online

The Trustwave® SSL Certificate serves two purposes:

SSL encryption
Habitudes uses the highest data encryption technically available, up to 256-bit. Encryption scrambles text so that it can be transmitted over computer networks in a secure manner. SSL is activated immediately upon member log in, so your data is secure for your entire session.

Identity assurance
Identity assurance proves that the business running the site is who they claim to be. This is accomplished through the validation process. To obtain an SSL Certificate, a business must pass a thorough examination of its credentials. SSL certificates trigger the familiar closed padlock and "https" URL prefix. Together, they show you that Habitudes is not a fraudulent or "phishing" site and is a safe place to transact business.

Your Personal Records are Safeguarded on Ultra Secure, State-of-the-Art Servers

When you "save" and "close" a HabiTool document it is encrypted and sent to a secure data hosting site for safekeeping. Protected by multiple fail safes and daily backups and powered by gigabytes of capacity, our servers are supported by one of the most secure, reliable and robust networks in the industry.

Ways to Avoid Scams

Member information: To make changes to your Habitudes membership information, always go through Member Login at Habitudes.info. We will never ask you for member information via email.

Links: Make sure links you follow go to the intended destination. Check the URL on the address bar of your browser to be sure it is correct.

Email: Do not respond to email that isn't addressed to you by name. Habitudes will always address you by your name or email address, not "Dear Member."

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